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Chimney Contractor

Many people believe they only need to worry about their chimney when winter comes. At A First Choice, however, we believe keeping your chimney clean and safe, all year round, is imperative for you to enjoy the benefits when the cold hits. That’s why we provide year-round maintenance services for chimneys and chimney linings that are designed to keep your fireplace in top condition.

A First Choice is the leading chimney contractor in New Jersey and we are the only choice when it comes to keeping your chimney in great condition. Our team of roofing professionals are experienced and highly trained to deal with all your chimney installation, cleaning, repair and reclining needs.

Our professionals have the right qualifications, tools, and skills and we can guarantee that you’ll receive quality workmanship.

Why you need A First Choice

At A First Choice, we provide a range of chimney services that will help protect your chimney and prevent decay over time. Keeping your fireplace in check, will keep your family safe and ensure your chimney functions at its best capacity through the cold season.

Here are some of the reasons your chimney might need our assistance:

Repair and inspection: There are many parts of your chimney that can cause problems if they are not regularly inspected or repaired in a timely manner. As the years’ pass, the mortar in between your bricks will need re-pointing; the concrete top of the chimney will experience weather damage, or you may have debris or animals fall into the system. Each of these needs to be seen to by a professional as soon as possible.

Chimney Cleaning: Keeping your chimney clean both during the cold season and all year round is of paramount importance when it comes to keeping you and your property safe. We provide a chimney clean and inspection service, so that when winter comes around start using your chimney right away.

Chimney Re-Lining: One of the most integral parts of your chimney is the lining. Ensuring your chimney liner is inspected regularly will ensure you receive the benefits from it for longer and reduce any health dangers chimneys can pose. A quality chimney liner will enhance the safety of your home, its contents and you and your family. It will seal the unit to guarantee any smoke, creosote and carbon dioxide go outside the home, where they belong. If there are any problems with your lining, consider replacing this. Our team will be able to provide you with the right advice and options.

Chimney Damper: The damper seals your fireplace shut when it’s not in use, and also works at preventing heat from escaping your home when the fireplace is not being used. We can replace or repair your chimney damper to ensure your fireplace is fully operational when you need it most.

Benefits of Quality Chimney Services

A healthy chimney means that not only are you keeping your family warm throughout the winter months, you are also keeping them safe. Here are some of the benefits of contacting our team at A First Choice to maintain your chimney:
Longer lifespan: Over time, your chimney is bound to deteriorate and degrade which can lead to cracks and crumbles.

Having your chimney regularly service and repaired will ensure that it lasts well into the future.

Greater efficiency: A clean chimney will work more efficiently. It will remove the smoke, sending it outside the home; and it will keep the heat in.

Health: a chimney that has not been cared for can be detrimental to your health. Cracks or holes can lead to escaping fumes – which can cause a range of health problems for you and your family.

If you haven’t had your chimney checked for a while, or you want to ensure that it is ready to go for the next cold season, get in touch with our team today. We use top-quality materials and our team are dedicated chimney experts, with the goal to provide you the highest level of professional service in the area. We are fully licensed and fully insured, and we service clients from across the New Jersey region.

Chimney Contractor NJ

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