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Masonry Contractor

Unhinged bricks, cracked concrete, walls that are falling apart and crumbling steps are all a major safety hazard to have around the home. If you find yourself surrounded by any of these, it’s time to give A First Choice a call.
We have a highly trained and qualified team of professionals available to complete all your masonry requirements.

Our specialists have the right tools and experience to keep the structural integrity of your home safe. Without the proper care, damaged or inefficient structures can be dangerous; however, with our quality workmanship, you’ll rest easy for years to come.

We provide a range of masonry services throughout the New Jersey region.

Why you need A First Choice

Quality masonry is not only good for improving the value of your home, but also for improving the aesthetics of your property as a whole. At A First Choice, we provide a range of masonry services, including the following:

Masonry repair: To prevent safety hazards around the home you should have any masonry problems repaired as soon as possible. Our team of professionals can assist with fixing damage to stairs, walls, walkways, driveways and any other brickwork or stonework throughout your property.

Foundation repair: If you’ve noticed cracks, bows, water damage or deterioration in the foundations of your home, it is imperative that you have a professional repair these before the damage increases.
The longer these problems remain, the bigger the problem will be (and the more expensive).

Retaining walls: If you need retaining walls installed, or your current walls need any repairs, give our team a call today. Retaining walls are beneficial to both your home and your yard, and can help reduce the amount of water on your property and increase the amount of space.

Pavers and patios: If you have a great outdoor space that you’d like to utilize all year round, pavers or a patio may be the perfect option. We can help you design and build your pavers or patio, with a style that complements and adds value to your home.

Steps and walkways: Generally these are utilized more than most areas of your home, which is why they often need repairs or replacement. Keeping your steps and walkways in good condition will help prevent any safety issues. We can also assist if you’re looking to install steps and walkways around your property for the first time.

The Benefits of Masonry Services 

There are numerous benefits to having masonry around your property, which is why it is been used for many centuries: even dating back to the Roman Empire and Egyptian pyramids. Masonry is not only eye-catching, but it is durable and long-lasting as well. Here are some of the reasons we recommend using our masonry services:

  • It is fire resistant and noncombustible
  • Holds well with harsh weather conditions
  • Won’t rot and is resistant to mold and fungus
  • Great for soundproofing
  • Predominantly maintenance free
  • Resistant to termites and other pests
  • Provides good insulation
  • Offers greater security
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Increases the value of your property
  • Decreases your insurance premiums

We use top-quality materials and our team are dedicated roofing experts, with the goal to provide you the highest level of professional service in the area. We are fully licensed and fully insured, and we service clients from across the New Jersey region.

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