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Replacement Windows & New Window Installation

Window installation might seem simple however it is much more complicated than it looks and hiring a professional is essential to ensure longevity and efficiency. A First Choice is your New Jersey specialists when it comes to replacement windows.

We provide quality window installation services, and our window installations come with a full warranty for your peace of mind. Our team of window professionals have years of experience and the know-how to ensure your windows stand the test of time and weather.

Why you need A First Choice

At A First Choice, we provide a range of window services to guarantee the protection of your home. Our team of replacement window professionals work with you to find the most energy-efficient solutions while taking into account your privacy requirements and your budget.

We work with a range of different types of glass, including the following three common choices:

Double glazed glass: two sheets of glass that have air in between, double glazed glass is ideal for soundproofing and for keeping the heat in, and the cold out.

Frosted glass: this is ideal for privacy and is often used in the bathrooms and front doors. It still allows for plenty of light but prevents people from looking through the glass.

Float glass: this is the standard type of glass that you find in most windows. This type of glass is available in a range of thicknesses and styles.

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Types of Quality Windows

Choosing the right windows for your home might not be as simple as you think. There are many different window styles, glass options, and frame designs to choose from – which is why our team of experienced window professionals are on hand to discuss your requirements. The following are just some of the window types we specialize in:

Awnings: These are windows that swing out and are ideal for areas that experience lots of rain. They’ll keep the water out, but allow the air in.

Horizontal sliders: Horizontal sliders are similar to sliding glass doors, and are often used in bedrooms or basements. They are safe and efficient.

Picture windows: This type of window usually is for decorative purposes only. Doesn’t open or close, and is not good for ventilation; however, it provides a great view of your yard.

Bay and bow windows: Commonly found in older Victorian style homes, bow windows create a shelf on the inside of the home. Bay windows, on the other hand, create more floor space and are a more affordable option.

Single Hung & Double Hung: single hung windows have the lower section moving up and down. Double hung windows allow you to move both the upper and lower sash.

Garden windows: Generally located in the kitchen or living area, garden windows are used as bay windows for plans and other ornaments.

Casement windows: These windows swing out sideways, offering great ventilation. They are constructed using solid glass.

Skylights: A great addition to your roofing system or higher level houses, skylights provide an effective and energy-efficient way to bring both light and warmth into the home. You could also use a skylight in your bathroom for easy ventilation.

We use top-quality materials and our team are dedicated window experts, with the goal to provide you the highest level of professional service in the area. We are fully licensed and fully insured, and we service clients from across the New Jersey region.

A First Choice Construction is here also to answer your questions and make sure you choose the window type that best accomplishes your objectives. Feel free to Contact Us for a FREE Estimate today!

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